About Myself :

I come from a long line of mountain men and journalists that raised me on a healthy diet of big adventures and tall tales. Storytelling is in my blood and the only career path I ever saw fit. So in 2013, armed with only a camera and a pen, I moved to Los Angeles to follow my passions.

But the coyote can only stay in the city for so long and I began to feel the call to return to my wild roots. After two years in Los Angeles I set out on the road in my mobile home and headquarters, a 1982 Toyota Chinook appropriately named “The John Muiracle.” For the next two years I traveled across the American West, documenting every step of my journey under the moniker Do Something Cool.

Now based in Encinitas, Ca, the 2 years I spent traveling North America chasing open skies, good company, and anything worth writing home about have shaped my artistic voice and cemented my creative passions. I thrive on telling impactful stories and striving for honest, in depth journalism, aiming to leave a positive impact on the planet and the people around me.

The setting may have changed but the arsenal remains the same: just a camera and a pen.